The Billion Coin (TBC) is a new cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin or ADZcoin — except the TBC price is not driven by the markets and can only ever rise in value.

Our Mission is to serve one and another with love and respect and use The Billion Coin to lift humanity out of hunger, poverty and misery. May the scales of ignorance fall from each that we tourch, and may they each embrace a life full of abundance and prosperity as they accept our offer of free membership within The Billion Coin community.


That within it they can enjoy all the benefits of using a completely decentralized crypto-currency that truly respects the financial privacy of each member that use it. Its within our power to bring in merchants of all kinds from every corner and the Earth to accept TBC for payment for their goods and services.We hold the large amount of TBC coin about $5000000 USD .

The Billion Coin reach its potential one day when the community grows to a Billion verified members locking the ultimate price of TBC to One-Billion-Euros per Coin. Our mission is great! Our Mission is good! May each of us do our part to fulfill it.

We are Selling TBC Coin Worth $ 200 USD at the price of a just $10 USD.

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