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Coronavirus Safety Tips,Clear and Simple.

Updated: Aug 20

Hello everyone, Destine blog is here for you during these difficult times. In an effort to help people understand the Coronavirus and how to be safe, we’ve created this little blog.

Corona Safety, let's be Safe and Well. So for some people, the coronavirus is nothing more than a bad flu, but for others, it can be very bad. Especially for people who are older and who have asthma or other breathing problems or people with weak bodies. The virus can make them very sick. And as these two pictures show, it can lead to having to go to the hospital. There's a picture of EMT’s working on someone who’s sick but it can be even worse. People can die and as the second picture shows, it’s a funeral.

it's a funeral. So what exactly is the coronavirus? The Coronavirus is caused by germs, this is the coronavirus germ. This is what a germ looks like under a microscope. It looks like a round ball with trees growing out of it. It is smaller than this little dot, you cannot see it. Germs are hard to see, but they are there. Have you ever eaten cheese curls? That cheese dust gets everywhere. On our hands, on our faces, on our clothes. The coronavirus is like this dust but it’s germs not cheese. Germs can be everywhere, in the air. As this picture shows this young woman is coughing. On our hands and the things that we touch like our keys and our cards and our phones. Or it can be on the bus. It can be on the poles on the bus. It can be on the seats on the bus.

Including tables, and restaurants and cafes, and if we hold hands - our friends have these germs on them. Germs can make us sick if they get inside of our body. How can you tell when you’re sick? Our body does all sorts of things to get rid of germs. One way as the first picture shows, is we cough or sneeze. This is our body trying to get rid of germs. Another way as the second picture shows is we throw up or have diarrhea. This is our body trying to get rid of bad things. And the third picture shows a person with a fever, this is our body trying to bake or kill germs that are in our system.

Getting sick is our body's way of trying to get rid of germs. Coughing, throwing up, fevers are all things our body does to get rid of things that are bad for us. Our body is good at protecting ourselves but this germ can be very bad. We need to be very careful and we need to keep germs from getting inside of our bodies. Masks and gloves can help protect us and our skin is a glove for our body. It keeps germs out. But there are holes in our skin. Like our mouths, our eyes and our nose. Wearing gloves and masks can help keep germs from getting inside of our bodies so we need to do more.

How do we keep germs from getting into our bodies? Hand washing for 20 seconds is a great way, and singing happy birthday not once but twice while you lather and scrub your hands and before you rinse. Hand sanitizer is also good and should be taken with you every time you leave the house and every time you come home and certainly every time you’re going to eat or drink something. Another way to keep germs from getting into our bodies is to stay home and be safe. This is a picture of a family staying home. This is the reason we are all staying home. And if we must go outside, stay away from other people.

These people are standing 6 feet apart from each other and they are doing that so that the germs cannot spread. If you feel sick, you need to tell someone. This little picture shows two people talking. If you feel sick, if you have a fever, if you have a cough, if you have just don’t feel right, be sure to let someone know. The other thing we need to do if you feel sick is you need to cover your mouth if you have a cough or wear a mask. One way is like this picture shows, this woman is coughing into her elbow. That’s a good way but an even better way is to wear a mask. This last picture shows a young woman on a couch. This is the best thing to do if you feel sick. Is to stay away from other people.

Stay home and don’t go near other people. Be safe, stay home.

Once this is over, we can all go back to our jobs and our lives. Use your phone or your computer to see your friends on facebook, face time, skype or zoom. And of course, wash your hands. Thank you!

Always Do Your Best,

Destine To Do.

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