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Fashion Trends in 2020.

Updated: Aug 20

HI everyone, it isthat time of the year again this Blog is dedicated to fashion trendseverything that is coming this for winter season.

Now it is a sort ofcurated reading of everything that we've readn on the runways internationally whatI think is actually wearable and how to integrate these trends into your actualwardrobe or you could also just sit back enjoy the trend boards that I will sharewith you in a minute have a look at the pretty images find some inspiration andthat works too I'm aware of the irony of filming a Blog about for winter whenit's still 30 degrees Celsius out there probably even more in here with all thelighting so right now I take a pool party over a chimney fire any time yet Ithink that when this Blog goes out it will actually be full so just imagineit's cold out there let's go first trend monochromatic outfits of any color justnot black or white that is a nice change isn't it we are in for a colorful winteryou can play the trend in a bright color like a saturated pink red or orange oryou can play in more muted tones like camel wine or for a screen like threephotos on the right side of the world you get a stronger monochromatic effectif you match not only the top and the bottom but also the accessories likeJack missed it with the earrings push it with the hat or Stella McCartney withthese fancy sunglasses this trend is a little bit tricky maybe I agree .

if youthink that if you wear one color throughout you could think mmm this isgoing to make me look like one huge candythat would mean you went too far the reason why the outfits that I showed inon this board actually work and look classy is because they are very long thelength in the silhouette they are boxy they're absolutely not tight they're abit we say flu in French which is the opposite of tailored they focus oncomfort rather than highlighting the body contours and I think that's thevery important part in this trend if one color throughout feels like too much youcould do what Stella McCartney did her look every item is green but not thesame green the Pens are green blue the shoes are green brown and then the factthat she is wearing green throughout doesn't really strike or bother the eyeanymore the next trend is about power and about putting on our suits you knowthis cliche of the woman in the 80s having to put on man suits and superhigh heels in order to be taken seriously in the officewell now fortunately we are at a point beyond such a simplistic dichotomy andsuits for women in women's wear are getting a lot more interesting here youread suits that do not show cleavage or legs some of them were their suits withflats they all look sharp but comfortable at Alta Zahra TB and StellaMcCartney you read the waist is belted like a reminder of the feminine body ormaybe also has some kind of protective accessory if you read 1984 by all wellyou remember that chastity belt worn by Julia the main female character thesewomen look like they're in charge of the destinies don't they and CarrieUnderwood lady at balance yoga is running for president Carrie thetailoring category readms in my opinion to be shifting towards more interactionII either in the choice of models or in the clothes themselves and for theclothes either it's women's wear tailor women's wear that is menswear inspiredor it is becoming more gender-neutral overall I think.

it's a healthy evolutionbecause it in franchises us from having the pressure of looking either like areal woman or like a real man as if there was nothing in between and whatdoes a real woman mean anyway I gathered more examples for this trend just togive you more options an oversized suit at Gucci ignore the spikes for now I'llbe tackling that separately in a few minutes that's a different trendflowy wear the coat and the hats are accomplices like at Chanel or you stylea suit jacket with the dress and matching pants or with the dress andopaque tights or the jacket itself turned into a dress like a McQueenthat's more of an evening outfit though okay so what matters here is at theshoulder level a tailored fitted shoulder and then going downwards in theout it towards the fits you can do or design or wear any kind of designdetails fit or shape you like it's very free I'm looking forward to reading howhigh street brands website all this trend I have to say I'm highlyinterested in that one trend number three long flowy coats this isn't reallyout to where garments are have any moments I'm reading historicalinspirations everywhere maybe that's because I mean middle-age inspirationphase myself I don't know possible even quite likely the coats are very long andthey flow around you drapey not stiff at all comfort first the Saline versionlooks a bit like a cowboy at Max Mara Oscar de la Renta energy W understandthe lapels are XXL apart from the rock style coat at marine cell they're allmeant to be wrapped on your chest for you to feel cozy .

the Chanel coat musthave belonged to the Little Red Riding Hood this girl looks like she just cameout of a fairy tale book lovely outfit a long coat with lapel suits an officelook whereas if you're okay with having less structure less tailoring somethinga bit less fitted a bit more flowy try to look for a Cape capes are extremelyversatile garments that I really really like personally I'm sure we will readcapes a lot more than usual in all the shops no matter which price level thiswinter then in terms of fabrics there is as always in winter a lot of wool tweedthick winter fabrics but what's new ish and a nice change is that fleece is anew fabric used in outerwear it used to be okay only for active wear no it'sgetting appropriate also for ready-to-wear and for office wardrobesreally our next trend is getting darker I called it Moody florals when you thinkof Flo you probably read summer-like printslight fabrics Airy dresses cute feminine well this season it's dark even a bitdangerous highly contrasted between the intense color of the flowers and thedeep black background it's not so much Daisy you read it's rather a rose withbarbed spikes they're not trying to look cute the model adjoining out watanabe onthe right is wearing a wig with punches and makeup like a dollyet even she doesn't look cute she looks more like the evil doll if any dollthey're all not showing much skin the color is eitherit's like crewneck or even stand up color like at Paco Rabannethe prints are beautiful and extremely varied.

this season the fabric on theRichard Quinn outfit readms velvety and super luxurious now if you like me andyou're thinking I don't really wear huge ball rolls all over it's not meI hear you look at that Prada dress that I just showed imagine that as a skirtmaybe a bit shorter if you don't like that big length with a turtleneck blackphysics sweater with long sleeves that will look incredibly chic it is gettingdarker yet when X trend is pretty much announcing the end of the world it's notan optimistic trend it's not really positive I'll be honestin a nutshell matrix meets Blade Runner send out the warrior princess and thereis a potential attack with gasps we're reading black leather metal rivets at MacQueen spikes on the masks and the torsos at Gucci the mavin say show was prettyextreme it was in a cellar with laser lights Green Smoke the models were gasmasks to complete that metaphor basically she was depicting theapocalypse the end of the world I readed the Blog of her show in thedocumentary by Luigi Jean my first reaction was to shut down I thought thisis way too depressing too negative when I look at fashion I want to have gooddreams and this is just going to give me nightmaresbut then it sunk in and I actually changed my mind yes it is important thatsome designers show different perspectives do things differently andquestion what we consider pretty or even functional that is what brony questionis for and so that's why I ended up putting this photo on my board.

so whilethis trend might not be the most wearable clearly forget the gas masksfor a minute and just look at the metal The Shining surfaces the heart materialsthis is what it is about and in the end it is quite Punk isn't it where is thistrain coming from maybe it's the feeling of fear following the Weinstein affairmaybe it's the debate that is everywhere right now about the possibleconsequences of climate change maybe the political instability in many parts ofthe world right now there are several different reasons whywe might feel that we need to protect ourselves while keeping control at thesame time what do you think about this trend let's move on to accessories thenext trend is about chains we're not really moving on the because chainswould go very well with the outfits that we just discussed it's mainly goldsilver or any other material that looks like gold or silver chains can be wornas necklaces but also as body jewelry like at McQueen and money the small sizeis the Sandow Home version not necklace it's a curb chain where the loops areflattened out but if you go bolder you can pick the GW Anderson version lapulled up I think the necklace at Oscar de la Renta is called a robot chain inEnglish in case you want to look for that one you know where the rings arejust attached like this at 90 degree angle if you like statement jewelryoverall this one is a great year to do some shopping and we're just surprisednot to read more chain bracelets because that would cause a mood in it like ahuge calf in chain.

I would Tori whether I would wear the necklace plus thebracelet to also look for not silver or gold chains but more colorful ones incolors from the rainbow so that you could eventechnically match the color of your chain with the main colors in yourwardrobe they're horrible trend and potential for lots of fun now I'd liketo mention some further trends which were actually already there last timearound but there are still going strong or even stronger than they were beforethe power shoulders from last fall that started mainly at balance yoga andCeleron if I'm correct now everyone makes power shoulders theadvantage is that they make you look taller and sportier a bit like aninverted triangle body but in my case I already have broad shoulders so I wouldlook like a rugby player this trend is maybe not for every body type it's up toyou to decide same thing with the utilitarian trend that I mentioned in myprevious trend Blog if the end of the world is comingwe need boiler suits with pockets to keep our tools and equipment and stuffit makes sense really that this trend has continued conceptually until I needto mention the 90s.

I talked about that in my Blog on pinterest trends for 2019which i will link here in the corner and down below in the description if youwant to have a look I also talked about this in a Blog two years ago at thattime it was eighties revival and I said bet that after the eighties revival and90s revival will come well we are in the middle of it no wonder that the SpiceGirls big picture to go on tour again it's a home runyou read biker shorts platform birth issues grunge jackets scrunchies tattoochokers everything the 90s had to offer is back ladies and gentlementhumbs up if you enjoyed this Blog.

Thank you very much now I'm curious toknow out of everything you've just readn which trend was your favourites if thereanything that you were expecting to read on the Border's and that I did notmention it's funny because trends are not the same everywhere in the world ornot in the same proportions and there are people reading this Blog fromeverywhere in the world so I'm very much looking forward to your comments otherthan that I will link here and down below in the description a playlist withall my previous trend Blogs if you want more inspirationand more Trend boards because I do that twice a year this was the full winterone I did the spring summer one and so on and so on since I started thischannel so there is a lot of inspiration in that playlistfor more fashion in general don't forget to subscribe to this channel before yougo read the next one and I will read you very soon in a new Blogtake care.

Always Do Your Best,

Destine To Do.

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