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How to be more Professional at Work.

Updated: Aug 26

You work just as hard at your job aseveryone else maybe harder but does it ever seem like all your co-workers aregetting promoted while you're just getting left in the dust the truth issometimes being great at your job and working hard is not enough more oftenthan not it's about presenting yourself more professionally so that your bosscan start to see you as more of a leader in this BLOG I'm going to explain howyou can be more professional so you can have a better shot getting thatpromotion and the recognition that you deserve hey guys I'm Kyle from TheDistilled Man.

so if you want to be seen as a rising star at your company you'regonna have to put in some extra work and I'm not talking about extra job-relatedduties at your desk because if you're aiming for a promotion you're probablyalready giving your regular duties as much as you can you're gonna need to putin some extra effort to becoming a more professional employee bosses look forpeople who already demonstrate that they can be leaders before they're givenextra responsibilities so without any further ado here are my tips on how youcan be more professional at work .

and supporting the Blog number one walk and talk like a leaderwhat kind of person do you picture when you think of a leader probably not thatwoman who slouched over her computer all day or that awkward guy who avoids eyecontact and won't say hi in the hallway leaders are typically charismatic andrelatable that doesn't mean that you need to be loud or an extrovert to be aleader in fact I know plenty of leaders who are soft-spoken but it does meanthat you need to carry yourself with a certain level of confidence.

whenever youneed to get it from your desk and walk somewhere pay attention to your posturestand up straight pull your shoulders back make eye contact and smile ateveryone you pass good posture is important at your desk too no matter howhard you're working kind of sends the wrong message if a boss or a co-workercomes over to your desk and they see you just slumped halfway down in your chairright leaders also speak with confidence and purpose if you find that your publicspeaking skills need some help take a class or you can check out my post onhow to master public speaking and if you find yourself using a lot of fillerwords like um like then you can check out my BLOG on the topic to help make your speech more meaningful and more directnumber two build meaningful relationships with your coworkers.

so if you've been in your job for a while it's easy to get into a routinewhere you just want to come in get your work done and get home as soon aspossible it's easy to isolate yourself from your coworkers if you aren'tcareful so just take time to start aconversation with the people you work with and not only those people at yourlevel but also those people who are maybe one or two steps above your levelpeople love to feel acknowledged so if you work at a big company try to get toknow as many people by their first name as possible ask them about their petsthat's not their kids names ask them what they did on the weekend or maybeeven ask a few of them they want to go to lunch on Friday instead of sitting atyour desk eating a sandwich.

it's all about making connections you're probablya great person but if you don't take time to build relationships with peoplethen they're not going to know that and bosses definitely take notice whenpeople are well-liked by their peers and they might even ask your co-workers'opinion if you're being considered for promotion so it helps to have as manypeople in your corner as possible number three and guys this is a big one stopwriting crappy emails so what you write at work says just as much about you aswhat you say keep your emails shortened to the point if you write it nownovel-length email people are more likely to miss important informationplus it sends the message that you don't really respect their time.

if you can say itin three sentences why say it and three paragraphs and speaking of not wastingpeople's time try to refrain from getting involved in forwarding emailchains and and funny memes that your co-workers might be involved in sendingyou want your writing to come across as professional at work so if you're notthe best writer at least try to start by using a free program like Grammarlywhich can help with some of the basics like spelling and grammar there's alsotons of books on how to write better business correspondence this is one thatI have that I enjoy but there's tons out there and if you want more tips on howto write better emails you can check out my post how to write business emailsthat don't suck.

which I will link to in the description below lastly you shouldnever assume that any work emails you send are private assume that anyone inthe company might read your email at some point so trashing your boss or yourcoworker or your client not exactly the best move number four and you've heardthis before dress for the job you want not the job you haveaside from wearing a tuxedo to work it's pretty hard to overdress for most officejobs and you're way more likely to be consideredfor a promotion if you over dress versus being that weird guy who always wears asaggy Hawaiian shirt to work look at how your manager and other people at thatlevel dress sometimes.

it might be as simple as upgrading from just wearing adress shirt to maybe occasionally throwing on a tie or occasionallylayering on in a casual sport coat even if your company does casual Fridays youstill want to look more presentable and more professional than everyone elseit's not just the clothes that make a man either dressing well is importantbut you also want to take a look at your accessories a pair of scuff shoes isgoing to detract from your look no matter how nice your pants and shirt areeven the bag that you bring your lunch or your laptop to work in says a lotabout you now imagine a well-dressed guy who brings a nice leather attache towork every day now imagine that same guy using a leftover trash bag or grocerybag

to bring his stuff in big difference that's why I've partnered with today'ssponsor Carl Friedrik they make professional-looking bags that canreally take how you're perceived at work to the next level their Palissy briefcaseis just the right size you know for an everyday bag you don't want to think toobulky but you also want it to be able to fit all your daily essentials like a15-inch laptop and notebook some documents and some other odds andends and I like that the contemporary design of the Palissy is sophisticatedenough to make a statement but it's not over-the-top also the policy is madefrom vegetable tanned Italian Vachetta leather.

so over time it's going todarken and develop a beautiful unique patina as you use it more Carl Friedrikis based in London but their products are handmade in Italy and you can tellthey put a lot of great care and attention in everything they dojust one small example the Palissy briefcase features a heavy duty Raccagnizipper and each tooth in the zip has been individually brushed and shinedbefore it's assembled on the chain.

so I've got a secret for you it's rare for people to getpromoted unless they're already doing the workmy friend Dustin told me a story about one of his friends she was working at acompany and the manager abruptly left and lefther and her co-workers completely scrambling in chaos and what she did isshe stepped up and really took on the role the role and the responsibilitiesof that that position without any increase in pay and without a change intitle finally after about three months she was officially given the position ina big race because she was the obvious choice for the job so that's the kind ofinitiative that you need.

if you want to fast-track yourself for promotion raiseyour hand to take on extra projects and do everything you can to help takeownership that's how you get noticed you should also have some idea of the biggerpicture beyond your own role so that way you can decide where you want to end upeventually you might even want to talk to your boss about putting together apersonal development plan that helps start grooming you for the position thatyou ultimately want instead of asking when can I get promoted ask what else doI need to do to start contributing at a higher level companies are often willingto provide training and courses to employees that show that kind ofinitiative.

if you're in an entry-level position you may not feel like there's alot you can do to take on more challenges right away to some degree youwill need to learn the basics of your role before you do any more but there'salways ways to go above and beyond looking at the efficiency of your job isa great place to start if you can find a way to save your company time money orother resources you'll put yourself in a very favorable position just be sure tofocus more on how those improvements will benefit the company rather thanfocusing too much on being critical of the existing way of doing things sothat's it guys five tips to help you.

be more professional leave me a comment andlet me know what you thought of this BLOG maybe you have some other tips onhow to be more professional at work let me know in the comments below if youliked this BLOG.

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