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How to Calm your mind from overthinking.

So your schedules not working?Something's broadsided you or something's just completely fallingapart ?Well, how do you manage your stress when these things happen?Read and I'll walk you through 3 simple techniques that are goingto make the difference.

Deadlines, got to get the kids somewhere,trying to finish things by a certain date. The have-to's, the commitments.Sooner or later, you're going to run into some stress and why is that stress going to pop up? Because what you thought was going to happen within a certain amount of time isn't happening. You're out of time or maybe somebody else is messing withyour life. But it's causing stress. Alright. So, how do you manage this? How doyou deal with stress? How do you bring that down and so that you can literallymanage yourself through the situation that you're currently in. Well,stress is because of a wind-up and to de-stress means to wind down.

"The nearer a man comes to a calm mind, the closer he is to strength".

And ifyou're like me and you attempt to do a lot of things in a day and all this and theschedule gets thrown off you fall behind, the stress can go up. And so to practicesome distressing techniques can help you manage so that you can stay focused andstill move forward and not just crash and burn and just give up on the wholeentire day. So, one of the first things I suggest in managing your stress ismanaging your hand gestures. Manage your hands just by themselves. When we getstressed, these hands start moving around quickly. They start pointing, we givepretty intense with our hand movements. So, the beginning process is to slow downthe hand movements.

If I can manage my hands, I can begin to manage my thoughts and manage my emotions. So, I got to slow these hands down. The next thing I can do is I literally can use one hand to calm the other hand down. And where I findthat helps me a lot is I will start squishing or massaging right here inthis part of my hand or along the edge of my hand. I will justsit there and just squish it literally grab it and just squish it. Just to pushout or relieve my hands have built up energy that's in it or built up emotionsthat in there. Or I'll even take my hands and kind of just squeeze them togetherand squeeze them together just to literally work out or squeeze out thestress in my hands.

So, if I can slow down my hands, squish my hands, I can literallystart to calm my hands which then that signal now goes back up to my mind to be able to calm down my thoughts. And because if I can have calm hands, I canhave calm thoughts and I can begin to manage my emotions to calm those down. Now, I watch people and I see people where they go to take out their stresson their kids or their spouse or somebody else where they traffic orsomething. They... But they try to do this external experience trying to geteverything else around them to calm down before they can calm down. So, you takeaction to calm self down because the more you practice this and you canmanage self, well then you can manage stress.

So, slow these hands down, squish massage the different parts of your hands to just totally relax them. Okay.Another one that is powerful is the ability to slow your thoughts down andliterally bring yourself down different notches. And what I do is I call this thecount backwards process. I drew this out on paper so you knowwhat I mean when I say draw this out. It's literally to count backwards from 10down to 1. Because stress happened when you were amping up your energy and these are... This could be like the number of things that have gone wrong for the day,right? And that when you have 4, or 5, 6, 7, 8 number of thingsthat go wrong, your stress level goes up. But what if you took a moment and youliterally just paused and you began to start at 10 and toslowly count down to zero. Now, how long is this going to take? Maybe 30 seconds.Maybe a minute.

But what you're doing is you are literally in your mind, using asmaller number. Every time you go down a notch as though to say to yourself. I'mat a stress level 10 but I'm going to take myself down to a 9. Then I'm going to take myself down to an 8. Then I'm going to take myself down to a 7. And you literally arebringing yourself down so the amount of stress is following the numbers. Likeyou're calming yourself down. Taking yourself from a top level 10 of Aah!Down to the zero. Now, when you go to count backwards and you start out with10, this is... This is what you do not do. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 3, 2, 1.

That's not what it's about. Your work is to go, 10... 9.. 8.. 7.. Now, notice I'm I'm taking time between each one of these so that I can let that number set in my mind of 10..Like I'm recognizing I've reached my max. And I recognize that I met at 10. Then Itell myself I'm now at a 9. 9... So, I'm getting a hold of the thermometer or theindicator inside that took me to a level 10 and I'm literally in a way, givingmyself instructions to come down to a 9. And then come down to an 8 and then come down to a 7. Now, I'm taking it downwards. So, I'm moving it downwards. Bringing mystress level down. Now, an added piece that you could do to this is in betweeneach one of these numbers, take a big deep breath. You could say, "10..." Boy, if you if you took a big deepbreath between each one of these, by the time you get to zero or even get down tothe one, you will have calmed yourself way down.

So if you took 3 seconds to say that number and then take a big deep breath, in 30 seconds, you have gottencontrol of yourself and moved yourself down each one of those notches. Wow,that is powerful. But to count down from 10 to 1. The other part that's goingto help you manage stress is your catastrophe thinking. You see whensomething goes wrong and another thing goes wrong, we start to think that we'reon this endless path of everything unraveling and everything's going to fallapart. And if we think that way, that everything is going to fall apart now, itactually can throw us into a level of fear. And so instead of going into alevel of fear, what you want to do is you want to stop that fear story fromspreading by doing the count from 10 down to 1. And now we'll be able tohelp you slow down that big fear story that was trying to start up because it's,you know, a panic time.

Be able to do the 10 down to 1 to be able to calm downyour energy. Calm down the story and you use this Tet type of language. "I can makecorrections. I can solve what just happened. I can ask people for help. I'mgoing to get through this. I have what it takes." You see, if you talk to yourself in that type of language, after you bringyourself down and use that type of language, you now have self-control. Butstress that starts to hurt people and start to, you know, make bigger messes of things around you. hat's not self control. That's out of control. So, Ibelieve these techniques I've shared with you so far are going to help you.

The beginning about how to manage your hands count from ten to one and then also to manage that story in your head that it doesn't just run away with you andcreate on those big scary stories. You can manage your stress but it does take some practice. So the next time this begins to happen and you feel yourstress level starting to come up, don't wait until you hit a 10 before youstart to count that down. But whenever you start to feel a little bit of thishappening, you be the one to stop and get control. Work that an energyback down to a level 1 or level 0 so it's manageable. You can manage yourstress. If you've enjoyed what I've shared with you so far about managingyour stress.

Always Do Your Best,

Destine To Do.


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