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How to generate Automatically Sub-Titles for any Videos.

Updated: Aug 20

It only take me a minute or two to generate subtitles.. And then hit me, Maybepeople don’t know, you can generate subtitles automatically Hi there this is Mrinal once againAnd in this article we’ll see A simple way,To automatically Create subtitles and closed captionsFor your YouTube articles or any article for that matter.like if you have a foreign movie clipwhose subtitles are not on the internet This method might work. orif you someone, who makes money by transcripting articles on fiverr or revThen this trick will make your life a lot easier

Now, If you are interestedOnly in the workaround Go to the time stamps, you see on the screen But I suggest you read the entire articleYou will not definitely learn many new things But my read time, will increase,making this article rank higher (haha) --- So, most guides on the internetSuggest you write down the captions manually, Some popular blogs even suggest, paying 5$on fiverr And thenThere are companies like rev, that are charging $1 for 1 minute of captions. I mean comon,We are living in the world of AI and Still companies are charging for the productThat can be done for free.

But guess what, You don’t have to do, any of that. Right now, I’m using the same methodto automatically generate Subtitles for any article. And yes, It’s freeYou don’t have to download any extra software And works for both windows and Mac Now, this is cool. But do you know what’s awesome. Well, It also works with other languages thanEnglish For instance Agar me hindi me bolunga,Tub bhi ye kaam karenga. Although, to be hones,it’s still not 100% accurate But if you speak clearly,you can easily 80-90% accuracy And then,you have to spend a minute or two to give finally touch.

Ok so what’s trick? Well, Like always, Google has lot of trickshidden in it selves And one of those is the voice feature in Googledrive. Its default function is -- You speakAnd google will convert that into text But if you try that,Most of your word will lost due to background noiseAnd you won’t get accuracy But, what if it’s listening directly fromthe articles I.e. the output of your computer becomes theinput for Google voice to text Sounds interesting.

So, let’s see how to do it. MacOSThis time, let’s start with Mac first. Most system don’t let you record your computeraudio Maybe that's because of piracy or something So, you will have to download a third partysoftware called soundflower The steps are simple Open any browserAnd download soundflower I’ll post the link in the description Then unzip it and install it on your computer Next, you need to tell MacOSTo use the output audio as input So go to sound settingsAnd set soundflower 2ch on both input and output If are wondering what this 64 ch is for? Well, I don’t know eitherBut, what I do know is it won’t work with this.So stick with 2ch.

On output and input Now, fire up Google chrome ( and yes, it onlyworks in chrome) Open Google docs Create a new document Tools > Voice typing In another tab, open youTube and play anyarticle Now come back to Google driveSelect your accent And there start recording And there you go. Like I said, It also works with other languages So, let’s try hindi However, if you try this songIt doesn’t work that well Because of background music But if the song has no or little musicThan it works well. Windows Now, let’s try this on windows Go to your windows sound settingsAnd select recording device And there you should see stereo mixIf you don’t right click and turn on Show disable devices And then st Stereo mix, as default.

Now, let’s check it. Open ChromeAnd create a new document Play a article > and start recording . Pretty cool right? However, if stereo mix is not supported byyour audio driver And these days, it’s hard to find this option You can check out my other article, Tough, I’ve tested this with that methodSo, I’m not sure how this is going to play. but,If you have a friend with mac You can always Borrow it from him (buy themcouple of drinks) Add caption to all your article at once. It’s worth it. ---- So, this article is inspired from the commentsI got yesterday If you want me to reveal all my little knownpractice on youtube Just let me know 500 likesand I’ll do it in my next article. So, that's pretty much itI’ll see you in the next one And like alwaysThanks for reading.

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