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classic physique is where I come from iswhere Arnold Robbie Frank Zane that is classicphysique they say physique but it's really classic bodybuilding a lot ofguys chasing me you know is the sport of bodybuilding has grown tremendously andso have the number of competitors so yes I do have a lot of added competitionthat Arnold didn't have to face during this era eight.

Mr Olympias whereyou gonna go beyond that I felt that was that was it for me but to win iteight years in a row at the age of 31 that was a miracle in itself it was agift from God yes I had to work hard you just don't hand gifts out you have to goget it and I went and got it with all of my heart with that 8th Olmypia felt likeI could finally exhale because when you're on the top there's nowhere to go but downand so you're always focusing on how do I stay here and you know I'm living andI lived you know I had two children while I was training for the mr. Olympiastayed on top and was still reigning but there's there's a certain amount ofpressure.

I had businesses going on you know there's a lot of stuff happening sothat last Olympia I said what I needed to say and I was ready to bow outand say thank you come in close with me babyhey come on baby let's go the intensity I generally try to worktowards preparing for the Olympia 12 months out of the year the intensitystarts to increase about six months away from the show and then the final of 12weeks is when I really start to pour it on because the body cannot withstand agreat deal of punishment an entire 17 18 weeks so 12 weeks is very intense wellit's a lot different now because I have younger bodybuilders that I meet atcompetitions and you know one of the things that I'm a sticker on iswhat are your wheels looking like you know you gotta have some legslisten I'm okay with physique and I love physique but I love a full package tooyou know that's that's how I grew up and that's where I am so I want to know thata guy actually have calves I want to know they have legs you know so one ofthe things that I see that's sort of off balance now is athletes don't giveenough time to bring it about growth and muscle maturity in the different bodyparts .

they're now in a system where they would train one body part a week legsonce a week calves once a week particularly calves youknow and that's a biggie for me I never will forget when I first visit world'sgym and you had Joe Gold there I mean Joe golds was like one of the godfathersof bodybuilding when he came to the gym world because he created worlds andgolds gym his name was on both of them so I never will forget as I came in forthe first time at Worlds in California ed Giuliano Eddie Giuliano was standingthere and he said Joe come out the office and check out this this young kid and so hedid in So Joe walked around the circling andread me and said uh pull up your pants leg kid so I pulled my pants leg up andhe looked he said you're going places he didn't give a crap about what he sawup top because everybody got something up top if you don't have wheels youdon't make it in the sport of bodybuilding not in the sense of where Icame from and the era prior to me so that's a very important deal and so Imeet a lot of young athletes you know one of the things I actually I look andthen I know it's a lot of them lack calves .

so I how many days do you be training calves one - two - one two - hey man we train our calves five to six days a week acalf is a stubborn muscle so how do we expect for it to respond you've beenwalking around on them since you were born so your calf is used to highendurance so in order to go beyond that you got to give us something verydifferent you have to stimulate and nearly annihilate a calf in order for itto respond heavy hard consistent and then I look at the fact that a lot ofthe athletes are training you know one body part a workout it they have an armday they have a chest day they got a back day said how ridiculous is that andwhat I see a lot is immature muscle that particular type of program is moredesigned for a power lifter the details for actual bodybuilder and so you cansee it in a physique the cross striations and the muscle maturity isnot here like it used to be.

so I spend a lot of time rewriting and fixingprograms for the younger generation of body builders I'm definitely Pro classicphysique classic physique is where I come from if we Arnold Robbie Frank Zanethat is classic physique they say physique it is really classic bodybuildingthat's what it is it's beautiful bodybuildersyou have a vacuum you have a nice lines and yes you have the wheels you know soI see no difference in that I'm really have to see that element of bodybuildingmake its way back because I felt that the physiques had sort of gotten out ofhand you know what made bodybuildingbeautiful was no longer beautiful and classic physique brings that back.

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