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Should you Write the NMAT Exam.All you need to Know before Applying.

Updated: Aug 26

The MBA season has started and there's a lot of queries coming to me regarding the MBA entrance exams and one of the most common questions that I get these days is should I write the NMAT Examination? So I'm going to give you five reasons why you should be looking forward to the NMAT examination.

If you had a CAT aspirant and you're looking forward to write, the non-cat examinations, then definitely NMAT examination should be one of those examinations in your list of exams that you want to tackle this year. So reason number one, the first reason to write the NMAT examination is that it's the easiest examination of the season. So if I keep aside MAT examination and the CMAT Examination NMAT is an examination which is the easiest among the rest of the Non-CAT Examination. Also, it comes with three sections in which logical reasoning and quantitative ability is two-third of the paper which has got 72 questions in it.

And there is only 36 questions in your language skills paper, which make this paper, a really easy paper for all those people who are looking forward to write an exam. where the weightage for the language skills, is less. Considering the fact that most of the students writing these MBA examinations belong to the engineering background and NMAT examination in itself is an easy exam for them. Why? Because two-thirds of the examination is oriented towards maths and logical reasoning, which is typically the easiest part for an engineer.

Reason number two. This is the only examination where you get to attempt the paper multiple times, although again MAT and the CMAT paper gives you multiple attempts across the year. You have MiCAT paper, which you can write two times. But in NMAT examination in the window from October to December, you can write the paper three times, which means you can go write the paper once and if you have not done, the paper well you still can get an idea how the paper is and how to tackle it better and go and re-take on the paper and increase your score. So there is no other exam which gives you this luxury.

And that is the second reason for you, to write the NMAT examination when you're considering top B-Schools in India. Third reason to write the NMAT examination is that NMAT Exam is the first examination of the MBA season. NMAT exam starts in the first week of October, which means that you can prepare in the month of September for the exam and go finish off the NMA examination in the month of October. Before October 15th, this leaves you about one and a half months to keep preparing for CAT and focus on CAT and crack the CAT exam also.

Now, imagine if you are writing the NMAT examination, you get a score within 48 hours. and if you are really sure that you got a reasonably good score to get a call from NMIMS Mumbai then you are going into the CAT Examination with a lot more confidence, assuming that you are having a backup. Let's assume that you did not do your NMAT Examination well but still, you will go with a lot of confidence why because you've got one chance of writing an exam into the real exam situation and also a chance to fill up your gap and knowing that where you commit mistakes, what are your gaps? What are the areas you need to look forward and if you are a person and who has been filling up the gaps constantly by being taking up mocks then NMAT is a real-life examination to fill up your gaps.

It will also give you a lot more confidence, in real-life situation as CAT is going to be the second examination now after you have tackled NMAT once. Reason number four. NMAT examination results are typically out by the month of January, and which means you will have a merit list Narsee Monje, Mumbai, and you will know whether you're being shortlisted for an intersee by NMIMS, Mumbai by the month of January. Also, the first intersee of the MBA season typically is Narsee Monjee.

And this will give you one chance to go there and into the intersee room well prepared, and test yourself in a real intersee condition before you go out there for your all-important IIM Intersees. So, lets assume that you're not interested in Narsee Monjee, Mumbai but still Narsee Monjee intersee is going to play a pivotal role. Why? Because this is your first intersee of the season and you're going to test yourself with all your preparation, getting into this intersee and see how well you can do this intersee. The last reason for writing this exam is Narsee Monjee (NMIMS, Mumbai). If you a person looking forward to apply for SP Jain, Mumabi, XLRI, MDI Gurgaon then definitely Narsee Monjee is one of those college, that you should aspire for. With an 18 lakh per annum package.

And best of the companies is visiting the campus, NMIMS Mumbai has been an aspirational college for a lot of you. Not only that, NMIMS Mumbai also boasts of our great faculty, great peer group, and being in Bombay, it throws open a lot more opportunities as compared to a lot of colleges outside Bombay. One very important thing to keep in mind here is if you are really looking forward to joining a New IIM, then missing out on NMIMS Mumbai is going to be a really foolish decision. So those are my five reasons for writing NMAT examination. Before I leave.

I would also like to leave with you. Why is there a bias towards private colleges? When I talk to a lot of students that can be said, I don't want to write the NMIMS Mumbai's exam because NMIMS Mumbai is a private college. Yes, it is a private college, but not all private colleges are bad. You look at XLRI, which is there in the top five, you look at MDI Gurgaon in the top 10. You look at Narsee Monjee and SIBM Pune which is there in the top fifteen. These are all private colleges. These are all colleges which give you average salaries much more than the New IIMs.

These are colleges which have got placements much better than the New IIMs and the kind of companies which come to campus are way better than the New IIMs companies like Goldman Sachs. Companies like Nomura, FMCG companies, companies in banking sector all visit NMIMS campus, Narsee Monjee campus is definitely a campus to look forward to. And please don't keep any bias towards any of these private colleges. If you have any other doubts regarding NMIMS Mumbai or the NMAT examination, please feel free to write down your doubts under the comments area. I'll make sure that within 24 hours your comments are answered.

Also, if you think there is something that I missed out in the Blog, please feel free to comment on that, too. And if you feel that there is something that you don't agree to, even then I invite you to come out with your seepoints in the comments section. Thank you very much for reading this Blog. I hope that all of you will be writing the NMAT examination. Keep NMIMS Mumbai as one big backup for you and look forward to crack a bigger exam in the season. But if not, you'll have still a great backup in hand. So all the best, all your MBA preparation.

And please don't forget to subscribe the Blog. Thank you very much.

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