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Styling tips to look Instantly more Stylish.

Updated: Aug 26

I think looking stylish and chic all comes down to the little things about an outfit: how you style it, how you wear it what you add to an outfit to make it different how to just make a basic outfit a little less basic Hey guys it's Jess, welcome back to my BLOG.

So in today's Blog I am going to be sharing with you: 12 simple styling tricks to make you look instantly more stylish. Wow I can't believe i said that on the first try because I practiced saying that a couple times before I filmed this Blog and every single time I messed up, but ok. If your are a person who puts on a basic, tee-shirt and jeans, and you kind of want add a litlle bit more style or fun or flair or a little bit more personnality to your outfit but you just don't really know what to do, this Blog is for you.

These tips and tricks are all based off of my own personal experience, opinion things that I like to do to kind of just like level up a more simple or basic outfit. If you guys use any of these styling tricks, tag me, send me a photo i'd love to see and, umm, if you guys are not subscribed yet, don't forget to subscribe down below to join the family and with that lets hop on in.

There is such an appeal to the effortlessly styled look you know that kind of messy put together look and as ridiculous as this might sound, having the perfect scrunched up sleeves is going to give you that vibe. Recently in a another Blog of mine, shameless self plug I shared a hack on how to keep your scrunched up sleeves staying scrunched up and making sure they dont fall through out the day. Basically the hack is to take and elastic hair tie, put it at the crook of your elbow, roll and scrunch the fabric around the hair-tie, get the perfect scrunch, and then the elastic will hold the scrunch in place and then you use a bit of the excess fabric to just hide that elastic and make it look nice and low key. And there you have it: the perfect scrunched sleeve look and it aint goin' nowhere.

Cuffing the sleeves of your tee-shirt is a perfect detail to add, to a basic tee shit because it gives a more fitted and, flatering look, to just a very basic tee look more intentinal and more polished In the same way of cuffing your short sleeves, cuff your jeans. Cuffing the bottom of your jeans, draws attention to your shoes and adds a little bit of hight to your legs is great for when you are wearing a very cute shoe and you just wanna show it off a little bit , this is great especially if you're short because cuffing your jeans adds just a little bit of height and makes your legs look longer. It'll show a little bit of skin, giving the illusion of some faux height, which I as a 5 foot 1 person, I need all the illusion of height that i can get.

As you guys have probably noticed, 90s fashion has made a HUGE comeback and it is everywhere: flannels, grunge, skinny sunglasses, lots of denim apparently even flip-phones are making a comeback? maybe the motorola razr is, like, making a a comeback? which is weird, so I wanna know you guys' thoughts are on that in the comment section. Now, if you love 90s fashion a trend you can incorporate to level up some basic pieces in your wardrobe: is to layer a cami over a tee-shirt. Some people love this trend, some people don't. This layering technique can work for either a cami shirt or a cami dress. Layering two basic pieces like this is just kind of something fun and different to do. My starter tip for this tip is to start off by one of the pieces be neutral. I feel like having one of these pieces being neutral makes it a lot more simple and straight forward.

Tucking your shirt is something I've talked about in almost all of my style Blogs is is a styling trick that I use frequently. This is another tip that is great for if you're short. Because by tucking in your shirt, it shows a little more jean. And also it gives the appearance of longer legs. A lot of you guys ask how I tuck my shirts, so I'm going to give you guys a little front tuck tutorial.

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