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UPSC Exams Tips For Preparation.

Updated: Aug 20

In the last blog, we discussed the plan forthe next 400 days. There we divided 400 days into 4 phases. In the first phase, we set the target of finishingall important NCERTs before November 15th. So now we have approximately 100 days in ourhand.

This number may differ depending on when youare reading this blog but hopefully, you must have read NCERTs in past. So in this blog, I will tell you the minimumnumber of NCERTs that you have to read. Also, I want to tell you that this list isindicative.

There is no hard and fast rule - you can useyour own discretion while choosing books according to your plan. And I have not mentioned NCERTs ONLY but alongwith NCERTs, there are some other state board books also. So, in short, you can add or subtract youcan do that. Use your own discretion. So without wasting a time let us begin - For Art and Culture - read Fine arts ClassXi NCERT and last two chapters of crafts and traditions. For Ancient and Medieval India read TamilnaduBoard History Books. These books are available in PDF format forfree just search over google and you will get the PDF copy or I will provide the linkbelow. For Modern India - you can read Modern IndianHistory by Bipin Chandra which also goes by the name of the old NCERT. If this book is not available in the localbook shop you can buy this book online from amazon.

Apart from that book, you can read Class XIINew NCERT i.e. Themes in Indian History Part 3 specificallythe topic on Gandhiji. For Geography, you have to read Class XI andXII NCERTs there are total 4 NCERTs If you are finding it difficult to understand Geographythen you can start with Class VI NCERT and read all NCERTs up to Class X and then read+1 and +2 NCERTs. Now, these NCERTs will cover a significantportion of agriculture and environment also. For Indian Polity you can read Political Theoryand Indian Constitution at Work, both are Class XI NCERTs for political scienceFor International Relations and Indian Foreign Policy, you can read Contemporary World Politicsand Politics in India Since Independence.

This NCERT is also useful in Post IndependentHistory of India.

For Economy NCERT – Class 11 (Indian EconomicDevelopment) Class 12 – Macroeconomics. For Environment read Biology class XIIth Lastfour chapters For Society and social issues, there are 3NCERTs that you have to read NCERT: Class 12 - Indian Society NCERT: Class 12 - SocialChange and Development in India. And understanding Indian society. For science, you can read Class 9th and 10thNCERT. But read them after you finish all the aboveNCERTs. Keep them at last. For world history, I am also writing blogposts on www.indiashastra.com which are free and these blogs are notes from toppers classnotes and old NCERT and random google search. If you do not wish to read blogs then go forthe Old NCERT - World History (Arjun Dev) Now after reading all the above NCERTs, ifyou are left with some time then the first thing is to re-read these same books onceagain. You have to cover all these books before November15.

Now do not ask any doubts and start readingthem. There will be no blog till 15th November. Also, remember that along with all these NCERTsyou have to finish 50-60% of optional and also you have to read daily newspaper. As discussed in the last blog this is yourchecklist and time will pass just like that. Now some people do not like free motivationor in local language bolbacchan so they can leave now. unka time aagaya he, Wo nikal sikate hai,And those people who wish to listen more can stay here. And I love both types of these people no hardfeelings. I want to tell you that don’t go for shortcutsand buy any gist of NCERT or that kind of things read these books only. Also, don’t go for reading blogs on NCERTslike the one that I made on Geography.

Yes, these blogs can help and great to readbut you forget that these blogs are supplementary.

You can read them after you finish readingyour books. First, read your stuff then read those blogs. Solely depending on them is not the rightoption. So Don’t add any shortcut material in yourlist. If you are doing this mistake then you willask the same doubts in next year to some another educator like which NCERT should I read, howto read and all. It is better to utilise this time and opportunitytill 15th November and those who will finish this task and this checklist can send theirchecklist pic on Instagram on 14th November. Amazingly It coincides with Children Day. Send the checklist and you will get a surprisegift from me. Don’t go for shortcuts. Increase the number of hours if you had tobut do not search for alternatives, you will sacrifice your attempt if you make such sillymistakes. You should remember that most dear thing thatyou have with you is your attempt. So don’t waste it.

The equation is quite simple - the one whowill put extra effort and finish the tasks without going for shortcuts will find hisname where it matters the most. Have a ruthless determination and focus onthings that you have to do.

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